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January 2, 2012


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A good start to the New Year by being in bed before midnight. I would have been asleep if it weren’t for the fireworks in the neighborhood. Today was a good start with lots of housecleaning and a big pot of 15-bean soup including black-eyed peas for luck. Mark was out of town so we didn’t start our New Year together until late afternoon.

I was trying to think of my best and worst New Year’s Eves and barely could even come up with 5 that were memorable at all. So here are 5 memorable New Year’s Eves:

1. Most memorable and probably the best ever. I don’t really remember the year, but somewhere in the mid-1990s. It was the first time Mark didn’t have a gig on New Year’s Eve and so we were both just home on New Year’s Eve and we had John Coltrane music on the stereo and were drinking wine and talking when the New Year rolled in. Very sweet and nice.

2. Probably a year before #1 was the year at Charlie’s. It might have even been our very first New Year’s, before we were married. It wasn’t the worst, but it does stick out. Mark had a gig at a really lame club in Dallas called Charlie’s. It was pretty much just a neighborhood bar and I don’t even remember what band he was with or what music they played. My best friend Beth was in town and I think she had a friend with her, too, another girl. We went to Charlie’s and had old men hitting on us and it was a spectacle of tired lonely people trying to have fun. I think we might have even left before midnight.

3. I guess this one was the worst, certainly a memorable one. I’ve written about it before and here is where I should link to that, but I’ll just let you search instead. It was the one at Sullivan’s in Dallas where the bass player and his girlfriend were at each other’s throats and she decided to make the rest of us miserable since she was. No offer of cab fare would make her go back to the hotel. She rubbed off on the lead singer’s girlfriend and she drank too much and was making a sight of herself to make him jealous. The piano player was mad at the band leader. Only the sax player seemed to be on an even keel that night except for me and Mark. Whew. I don’t ever want to experience that again. And it was Y2K so we were waiting to see if the world would end at midnight, too.

4. A memorable one from my childhood was when 1969 turned into 1970. My family had gone ahead and turned in early that night, but I was extremely excited at my first change in decade (well, that I could remember). I wanted it to be a big change in my life. I had my big old 1950s radio on low and was listening to a countdown probably (I loved countdowns) and heard them play Auld Lang Syne. I looked out the window and could see fireworks being shot on top of Pike’s Peak. I went to my sister’s room and said, “Do you want to see the fireworks on Pike’s Peak” and she mumbled in her sleep, “I’ll just lay here and listen to them.”

5. Another memorable one was one when I was single and living in Dallas and Beth came down for New Year’s Eve and we went to Dick’s Last Resort. We were quite certain that we were sharing a table with aliens. There were five or six people dressed formally and not talking to one another and they weren’t very animated. One picked up a peppermint and gazed at it and finally nudged their companion and they gazed at it together as if they had never seen one and had no idea what it was. That was when we concluded they were from outer space.

Last night was certainly not the first New Year’s Eve where I’ve just gone ahead and gone to bed. I’ve also spent many New Year’s Eves watching television or being on the computer or reading when the New Year rolls in. I’ve never felt like one way was better than another to bring in the New Year. On the other hand, I would not even think about starting a year without black-eyed peas and I recall one year when Mother decided not to make them and I ate a spoonful of frozen peas from the freezer just to make sure I got my luck in. I had plenty today so 2012 is a slam dunk to be a great year.

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