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January 2, 2012

Still Dwelling on Christmas

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I used to be a fanatic about getting my Christmas stuff all put away before the New Year began. I have gotten a lot more lazy laid back about it in more recent years. And after a few years of not having any Christmas decorations up at all, I am really enjoying it this year and still have the lights on my tree glowing right now. I am gathering things up to get ready to put them away so that I don’t discover something after I’ve put it all away. So where presents were last week, I am now piling my favorite Christmas house decorations.

Last year I put things away very carefully and smartly labeled one bin as the most important bin to have. That is about all we put out this year and that is really all we need. I thought I would share some of the important ones with you.


This is my Christmas banner and “mistletoe” ball that always go over the kitchen archway. I made this Christmas banner probably the first year we were married. Each letter is embroidered and then it is all quilted. A bit of detail:


This is Mark’s favorite part of our Christmas, I think.

Here are two other “must haves” for my Christmas:


Both have come from antique stores since we got married, but I am very fond of them each. This year they were both in the kitchen window through the Christmas season. They both light up. Well, right now two of the candle bulbs are out, but these are hard bulbs to find anymore! I just let the one shine brightly. The reason I love the red candles is because when we used to visit my grandparents in Eastland, Texas, at Christmas, they would have candles like this in the front living room window. I remember it being magical to pull in their drive and see those lights. The little glowing Santa just makes me happy.

I have written about my Santa from my childhood, but didn’t post it until tonight because I didn’t have the pictures. I pre-dated it for Christmas day, so go back and read it, too, okay?  have had this Santa 50 years so he does mean a lot to me:


I have only had him back in my possession the last few years and I like having him back. Mark thinks he is creepy.

And another fun little piece of our Christmas is a little drummer Santa:

I would encourage you to watch all 5:17 of the video, but if you get impatient, at least watch the last 30 seconds to see his big finish. We’ve had this toy for years and I didn’t know he had such a big finish until I made this video this week!

These decorations don’t include the very special ornaments on the tree. Someday I will get to those for you. Meanwhile, these go back in the attic to be brought down and enjoyed next year.

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  1. I can’t imagine not having read your blog for days unless it was because I was having all the heart tests and was miserable afterwards. Today I’ve read and loved them, including reading again the sweet story of Miss L Toe and the kitties and Willie.

    Comment by pat — January 7, 2012 @ 10:17 am

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