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December 25, 2011

My Santa Claus

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I’m wondering how many people still have a Christmas present they got 50 years ago? Or any present they got when they were 2 years old? This is the Santa Claus that was part of my Christmas when I was 2 and we lived in Amarillo on King Street. I don’t know what my very earliest memories are, but I know I remember getting this Santa Claus because I remember working a hole around the tassel on the top of his hat through the wrapping paper and exposing the gift below. I think all of this happened on Christmas Eve or even earlier and Mom may have let me go ahead an unwrap it. I also remember dragging him around all through that Christmas. I suppose he wasn’t much smaller than me at the time. I don’t remember if he got packed up with Christmas that year or he got to be a year-round toy. I do remember applying lots of Vaseline to his boots to shine them. I’m sure my mother loved that. I liked to apply it thick. I remember dismay that his beard wasn’t detachable (because you can lift it up and see his chin underneath) and that his mustache wasn’t “real” (as in fuzzy) like his beard. The mustache is just molded plastic like his face.


Mom and Dad had kept this Santa in their Christmas things all through the years, which is likely WHY it is a gift I still have 50 years later. If it had had to be moved from apartment to apartment to house to house all this time it might have been abandoned long ago. I inherited it when Mom moved to her current apartment situation and she no longer had an attic full of Christmas things. When I pulled it out this year Mark called it “evil Santa.” I suppose if you hadn’t loved him for 50 years you might not see the sweet twinkle in his eye that I still see.

As we spend our holiday with just the 4 of us (I count the kitties), it is nice to have the connections to my childhood and the many very happy Christmases we had in Amarillo and on our farm in the country and on through the years at my sister’s house and my house. I miss being with all of my family today in Coppell, but I am also very happy to just enjoy a very quiet and joyful Christmas at home with happy memories and anticipation of happy Christmases to come.


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