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January 10, 2012

More from Zephyr–or Hamilton?

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After I posted yesterday and was undecided whether that was my family at Hamilton or Zephyr (which are only about 40 miles apart), my mother wrote with her interpretation. She felt sure it was the Hamilton farm because she only remembered going to the Zephyr farm one time. That gave me clarity on other pictures I have in my collection. Maybe. Now that I put them here I see that my great-grandmother is wearing three different dresses, so I’ll let Mom tell me when these were made.

Mom’s story was that at Christmastime, 1951, she and Daddy were dating in Amarillo. She worked for the telephone company and lived with her parents. Daddy was in the Air Force at the Amarillo base. He went home to Big Spring for Christmas and she took the bus down the day after Christmas to see him. She had already gone through the horror of “meeting the family” in October and my cousin Mike, who was 2, was already calling her “Aunt Patsy” when they talked on the phone. She went to Big Spring and Dad took her to the top of Lookout Mountain and gave her her engagement ring. The next day she and Daddy and my grandparents and my aunt and uncle and little Mike all piled in the car and went to Zephyr to see the rest of the Williams family. That’s close to 200 miles so it is not a fast trip, but Mom remembers it as fun and that there was a lot of Williams family there. I have these pictures and SOME of them must have been from that day. Mom certainly looks young and in love in this one, so I think it should be from that day. And zooming in I think there is a ring on her hand.

Mattie Williams Pat Williams Hamilton TX 1954 (2)

Then there is this one where Mike still looks the right age, but I think Mamma has changed dresses so this may have been a different trip. This is four generations with my great-grandmother, my grandfather, my aunt, and my cousin Mike.

Four generations Williams-Faulk (2)

There there is this one with lots of family there, like Mother remembers, but Mamma has changed dresses again, yet Mike still looks two. That my grandmother and grandfather on the left.

William Family about 1953 (2)


















And then this one doesn’t seem to match with the last two, but Mamma appears to be in the right dress again, but my aunt and Mike are bundled up tight – yet it was December. So it could be the 1951 trip and the two above are another time. Of course, we laugh in our family because my aunt apparently always bundled up her kids no matter what season or what weather, so the picture below could have been made in July. But the picture above probably was not December. I don’t think everyone would have had short sleeves in December.

Faulks and Williams (2)

I’ll let Mom shed some light on these pictures, but I sure am glad I have them. In this digital age it is so nice to be able to share them and make them bigger and examine the little details.


  1. Man, I’m glad we don’t wear hose and heels everywhere in this day. All of these pictures were likely made in Zephyr and the depression-looking picture in Hamilton as I recall that her sons complained that every time she sold a farm she went down hill. Uncle Calvin and Aunt Opie were there, along with her son, but Leta must have taken this picture, so where were the rest of us? As I remember the one time I was at Zephyr it was a hot day and Leta let me borrow a cooler dress, so I may have changed after the picture with me in a sweater was made. Is that the only picture you have that makes me look young and in love?

    Comment by pat — January 12, 2012 @ 3:28 pm

  2. Thursday, Zephyr was very windy and cold at 1 PM. Guess that is why the zebras were not standing out by the train car/hay stack. Although, the longhorn was cavorting with the herd of Angus cattle on the west side of 183 as we approached from the north 🙂

    Comment by Gary S. — January 13, 2012 @ 12:14 am

  3. What wonderful pictures. I love them. Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by sandy — January 13, 2012 @ 10:53 am

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