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February 18, 2012

Odd and Ends

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I’m cleaning off my desk (and chair and floor – things have gotten way out of hand). I’m finding bits and pieces and scraps of things I wrote down to eventually write about. I may not really write about this, but I thought I’d share these lyrics I wrote done from one of the lame CDs I got at work. I didn’t even write down the artist, not that it matters. These are so typical of ALL of the country CDs I get. It is interesting that in the hands of the really good songwriters, these trite subjects can become a great country song. This guy was NOT one of those writers.

Some examples:

The title “What I Done Wrong” should have been a clue as to how bad this could be. “I been sittin’ here for three long days wonderin’ why it was you went away…”

“There’s a Gideon’s Bible in the drawer, bars on the window, bars on the door.”

“We walked in starched up with our ostrich on…”

“Daddy had a 1941 Ford when I was just about ten years old.”

“I got a brand new pack of cigarettes, I’ve got a brand new pair of shoes.”

“They say sweet salvation saves your soul, but without my woman I just don’t feel whole.”

“Loneliness is the only thing that keeps me company these days when I’m by myself.”

and my favorite:

“My Daddy picked his poison cause I guess that it fulfilled him”  (okay, you’re thinking, that’s a weird lyric, but then the next line ends with “killed him” and you realize it was one of those contrived rhymes he forced)

So did he cover all the country bases? Prison, trains, truck, or getting drunk? Not exactly, but enough of the others (two about Daddy!) that I would give him a “Trite Award.”

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  1. The one that caught my eye is the one about loneliness is the only thing that keeps me company when I am alone, but I can’t figure how that sentence could be set to music.

    Comment by pat — February 22, 2012 @ 6:36 pm

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