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April 22, 2012

Writers’ Inspiration

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The writer’s workshop would have been PERFECT if a.) there had been 10 lively, engaging participants, mostly younger than me, but several right around my age, that all were interesting and vivacious and turned to me for my knowledge and wit, b.) I felt confident and superior and realized that my many years of writing and of being published have laid the perfect foundation for my most productive period of writing to begin now, and c.) Sarah Bird had seen me among the participants and exclaimed, “Oh, wonderful! I want you all to meet my friend and favorite reader, Janice Williams. Janice would you come up here and tell everyone how much you love me and my writing? “

Okay, so it wasn’t the perfect writer’s workshop. As I looked around the room of 50 or so gray-haired women and men, a couple of baldies and maybe 3 who could pass for someone under 40, I realized that I am a middle-age wannabe writer. It was a lot easier to go to writers’ conferences and workshops in my 20s and be a young, eager, wannabe writer.

Saturday I participated in a really nice day at the beautiful Blue Rock Studios near Wimberly with Sarah Bird telling us all she knows. She claims it was her first seminar, which is a surprise and I think this now opens up a whole new opportunity for her. I loved it. She talked about her writing style and did a lot of motivating about “telling the story you need to tell.” I know I have lots of stories I want to tell and there are plenty that don’t require the death of the person I am writing about, so I need to get with it.

This TINY little blog is a small start. It is nice to be back. Thank Sarah.


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