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June 9, 2012


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I don’t know that it is possible for me to simplify. The other day I was trying to clear out some space and my matchbook collection was there in a sack. Everyone has collected matches at one time or another, right? Maybe they aren’t as common now as they once were, but it was always an easy, free way to take home a souvenir. I have thought about getting rid of this collection for ages. Our house is too small to have it out on display and, really, what’s the point?

So I reach into the sack and thought, I’ll at least get a start and throw away ONE matchbook/box. And what do I pull out? The matchbox from the restaurant where Mark asked me to marry him and gave me my engagement ring almost 20 years ago. Just a few weeks ago were were in Richardson and debating the name of the place and wondering if it were even still in business.  Our engagement night was the one and only time I’ve ever eaten there.

The box says it was called La-Vitta Italian Restaurant and Club. I don’t find it on the web anymore, so we can assume it is gone. No doubt this was the place, though, I slide the box out and I wrote “Engaged! 12/7/92” inside.

The bag of matches has gone back in the closet, but I think this box will get a special home somewhere since – besides the ring – that is the only thing we have from that night.

Another day I tried to simplify… And this is the proof that I really DO need to do some of the space clearing you read so much about. I had happened upon a site that suggested you dedicate a week to eating the food in your pantry to help clear it out and circulate some of those cans out of there. I knew that was good advice. I am notorious for buying ingredients for things that never get made. I am always FULL  of ambition when I am at the store.

I cooked something like chicken for dinner and thought I would open a can of lima beans to go with it. I hadn’t had lima beans in ages and I love lima beans. There was a can in my cabinet. I saw the date on the top:  Expires 2008. Good gracious! I’m breeding salmonella here! And we all know that the dates they put on cans are years away so I probably bought this in 2006 or 2005. Maybe I moved it with us from Dallas, I don’t know. I did throw it away and found a can of green beans that had not expired. My one small step for clearing the pantry.

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