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August 26, 2012


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Time does not fly. It crawls by at a snails pace… When I’m waiting for a check or when my eyes won’t stay open and I’m still at my desk at work or when I’m wide awake and it is 4:30 a.m. and my mind is racing. Yet it speeds along like a freightliner on tracks slicked with lard when it comes to evening hours to be productive or weekends or anything resembling personal time.

I’ve decided my favorite time of the day is my drive home from work because that’s when I can see possibilities. As I drive home and it is edging up on 6 o’clock, I’m thinking, “It’s early yet, the sun’s still up, I have a whole evening ahead of me!” I am so exhausted I first think about how wonderful it would be to just go home and take a short nap, just to get my energy back up. But wouldn’t it also be nice to maybe pour  myself a cool beverage and just sit on the porch and enjoy the late afternoon and let the cats out in the fresh air for a while? That would do us all some good. I think about how I will finally update my blog. And of course, before I can comfortably do that, I need to clean and organize this office a little bit because it has gotten out of control. And how about some dinner? We haven’t had a good dinner in ages. That thought might send me for a stop by a grocery store for one of their great pre-made meals (that still always involves a lot more work than I would hope for) or some ingredients. A stop at the mailbox and I pull in the drive. Hooray, I’m home.

I get in the house and am surprised to see that we’re edging up on 7 o’clock now. How did that happen? Nap goes by the way side quickly. Cats are starved, so they get their dinner. And the cat boxes get cleaned. And I go to check something in my office and remembers I have 2 side jobs that I didn’t think about at all on that drive home and I have to figure in some time for them. I go back into the kitchen to think about dinner and it is edging up on 8? How did THAT happen? Maybe I get something started on this dinner. Most likely I shove the ingredients in the refrigerator and hope for a better night for cooking. I go to the office, ignore the mess around me, type some reports, do a radio show. By this time Mark has probably come home and is forlornly eating peanut butter in the living room, wishing there were dinner in this house from time to time. We say hello, maybe we watch my evening news from earlier that I record, and then I go to bed.

I don’t know why I feel that the situation will improve with fall and the sun setting earlier and the night being longer. School starts tomorrow and fall is officially less than a month away. We’ll see. Again I will hope.

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  1. At least you got a good blog written.

    Comment by pat — August 28, 2012 @ 2:31 pm

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