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September 10, 2012

Bread Boards

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Be forewarned I am about to fall asleep at my keyboard right now so the may not even make sense.

But this morning I was thinking about bread boards. I don’t really know why. Sometimes my mind is like those Pop Up Videos that used to show on VH1 where there us just a constant stream of something going by and facts and information and questions and thoughts are popping up in bubbles constantly. It is really a bother and I wish I could switch channels. Something made me think of MY bread board.

And when I say bread board, I don’t mean something that is in a computer with circuits and stuff. I Googled bread board and apparently that is what a bread board is today. I never heard of such a thing. My bread board is a big piece of board, about 2 foot x 2 foot, probably that particle board stuff, covered in that vinyl kind of stuff that is sometimes used for cheaper countertops. I don’t know where it came from, but it was around the house or garage one time and I wanted it first as a drafting/drawing board to use with a t-square (someday I’ll write about my frustrated dreams of being an architect), but then it ended up in the kitchen.

If you were thinking bread board like a cutting board that you cut a loaf of bread on, that isn’t what I mean either. I call those cutting boards and I have four good heavy plastic ones that I really like, 2 big and 2 small.

This big bread board is what I use when I make bread and need to knead the dough or when I make a pie and need to roll the dough out with the rolling pin. There is nowhere that I have enough counter space to really do this well and with the bread board I can do it on the kitchen table, which has a surface totally unsuitable for those things.

In the house I grew up in, there was a bread board built into the kitchen. It was just under the counter and it pulled out like a shelf. It was very handy. From time to time we did use it like a shelf. When we did things like pit cherries with a cast iron cherry pitter or we ground ham or cranberries or anything else with the cast iron grinder, we used the bread board to clamp to. There was no other place in the kitchen that those things could clamp on to and be firm and tight. When we made bread, we pulled the bread board out completely and put it on the kitchen table so we had a firmer surface to work on.

I say all that just because I was realizing that there are things that were commonplace to me in my growing up world that probably were no commonplace to most people my age since very few grew up in houses built in 1902. And though we didn’t make ALL our family’s bread (like my friend Sandy’s mom did – yum!) and only rarely made it, I know most of my friends never had any homemade bread growing up and never make it for themselves today. I don’t blame them when there are so many great bakeries so close by.

I told my nephews that eventually I need to take pictures and write things down about the things we have in our house so they’ll know what is important to keep or what is valuable enough to sell and what is worthless and can be tossed, etc. I’m sure they will have no idea why there is a big white board between the refrigerator and the pantry in the kitchen. This blog entry will let them know that it is IMPORTANT and SENTIMENTAL and VALUABLE and that is the first of many many things they absolutely cannot get rid of. Oh the joys those boys will have one day…

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