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November 5, 2012

The Election

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I can’t let Election Day get here Tuesday without telling you that I have voted and I have again voted for President Obama, along with a straight-party ticket of Democrats. I have voted a LOT of different ways in all my voting years. I have been one of those “it’s not the party, but the man” voters, too. Finally, in middle-age, I realize that the party DOES make all the difference. And there are things I agree with Republicans about completely. And things I disagree with on the Democratic agenda. But, all in all, I am ecstatic to have a president that said he would get us out of a war and has done it. Can you remember anyone before ever even getting elected with that promise? I can only see more war and more involvement in causes that do not benefit us as a country if we elect a Republican president this year.

The Democrat’s whole-hearted support of women’s issues including equal pay for equal work and a woman’s right to have medical procedures that she and her doctor deem necessary – THAT ARE PERFECTLY LEGAL – without interference from the government is my number one reason to be a Democrat. I could go on and on about my disgust with all the references to “legitimate rape” and “that rape thing” and the categories of rape that Republicans have decided to label women with. I worked for Rape Crisis in Amarillo and Dallas. It was an incredibly hard volunteer job and that is why I haven’t done it in 25 years. I admire the people that work with rape prevention and rape counseling organizations. They are desperately needed. But the comments this election season have taken me back to the training sessions I went through and the victims that came and spoke to our group about their experiences – not just with rape, but with the court system, the medical system, and the police. And then when I began to meet and talk to victims that were only hours removed from the experience itself… I can promise you that any candidate that starts classifying this rape as “better” than that rape has never sat in a hospital waiting room and talked to the husband, sister, friend, daughter, or GRANDCHILD of a rape victim. It seems they have the “typical” rape victim in their mind and there is no such thing.

Okay – I didn’t mean to get off on that tangent.

Mitt Romney is a businessman, he claims. I see it more as a speculator. Whether you call him a businessman or a speculator, we have had some of those in office before … Herbert Hoover, for instance. More recently George Bush and George W. Bush. They had businesses. They ran oil companies or baseball teams (wait, what WAS W’s business again?). I don’t recall the economy doing anything consistently spectacular during their terms that would make me rush to put a businessman back in charge of the economy. And being able to order a business to lay off workers or hire workers or build a new plant or borrow money or do any of the functions of a businessman don’t necessarily translate to improving an economy. And when a president begins to order Congress around as if he were their boss, then you’ll quickly see how unlike a business it can be.

If I had doubts or disappointments with the four years President Obama has spent in office, and if I weren’t happier with the Democratic platform than with the Republican, I still could not support Mitt Romney. Fact checkers have pointed out the misinformation from both campaigns and both candidates all through this year. There are shadings of the truth from both sides to make their case seem stronger. That is politics. But time and time again I have heard flat out lies from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. And I am no political genius or pundit. But when I can hear a speech and hear something that I think sounds wrong and immediately go to the Internet and find the actual facts from which they are diverging, it appalls me that they can lie so easily and then deny it. When Mitt Romney claims he never said something when there is video – yes, even unedited so it isn’t pulling out a single sentence out of context – I wonder if he has never heard this magical thing called YouTube. Seeing him say that he doesn’t care about the 47% was eye-opening. It wasn’t said in a speech televised while he was on the campaign trail, it was said when he’s talking to wealthy donors. Whether he said it because he thought it was what THEY wanted to hear or whether he said it because it is what he believes is inconsequential. Just the fact that a presidential candidate would write off half of the population (whether he is really referring to people who don’t pay taxes – which includes members of the service, the working poor, retirees—or just about people that vote for Obama or even if he is truly referring to poor people that are stuck in a cycle of poverty and need the government assistance because there is no other way to survive) is an attitude I would expect from a man that has never been laid off from a job, never had to cash in coins to see if he could pay a bill, and never took on a second job or a third job because times are very hard. But it is not an attitude that a president can have when he is leading a country that includes millions of people struggling to make it through another day.

I hope election results will quickly and easily point to an Obama victory on Tuesday night. With the voter manipulation and efforts to keep as many voters as possible from even making it to a voting booth this year, I have worries. I do not trust that the system is not rigged. If Mitt Romney becomes our next president, I do not think there will be rioting in the streets or the world or our country will end. I do think that the next 4, 8, 12, 16 years will only get tougher. I was laid off in 2001 and 2002 and then 2007. I have had a moderately good job for 2.5 years now. It pays considerably less than my last job, so I have two side jobs to help add to the income. Still, together with Mark and his two jobs, we are not making anything like we were making for a short period of time when the economy was doing well. And our 401K took a huge hit in 2008, too, of course. I can definitely say we are better off – day by day — than we were 4 years ago, but we have not caught up from all the down times and any upcoming bad times will knock us clear off the rails when it comes to retirement.

I do hope you have voted or will vote on Tuesday and I would like you to vote for President Obama to return to office. But if you feel differently because there are issues that are non-negotiable to you and the Republican platform matches your views, I can understand that. We do have free speech in this country, too, but if you feel the need to rebut my thoughts, please do it on your own blog, not in my comments.

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  1. Well said Janice. Galen

    Comment by galen hays — November 10, 2012 @ 7:53 pm

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