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January 2, 2013

Sick House

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First, after I wrote about reading yesterday, I had a comment about whether or not I would quit a book that is boring. Yes, yes, yes. That was a New Year’s Resolution sometime back about 15 to 20 years ago (I remember the bedroom I was reading in at the time). If I get to page 100 and am not enjoying the book and am not looking forward to reading it each time, then I put it away and go on to another one … well, unless someone has told me I MUST read it and give it time, etc. etc. That’s kind of how I felt about the first 2 Girl with the Hornet’s Nest (or whatever those Scandinavian books were called). They seemed awfully slow and had way too many characters for a lot of the book and then there was a turning point where it suddenly got good. But they were too gruesome for me and I never went on to the third one of the series.

But here we are January 2 and my household is in a typical place for this time of the year. We are sick. Mark has been suffering from cedar fever for weeks now and I’ve probably not been sympathetic enough. Of course, it is his own fault because he may complain, but he powers through and doesn’t take to the bed and take a sick day like any normal person would.

Now I’m suffering and I am feeling miserable. I think this hits at this time of year partly because of all of the going and activity of Christmas. Last weekend (was that just 5 days ago?) we were on the go and visiting lots of friends in Dallas. Too much going, too little sleep. And then right back to work on Monday. And all that travel and visiting was on the heels of a week of Christmas activity that was fun and relaxing, because we were home, but still there was cooking and excitement and fudge.

Mark had to stay at work late today because he had a migraine and had to wait until he could see again before he could drive home. So he’s “napping” if you can still call it a nap at 11 p.m. Since neither one of us has had dinner, I guess it is a nap.

Neither one of us, obviously, is a good nurse. We need someone to make us some soup and find the medications we need. One time we were watching the TV show on HBO called Big Love. It is about a Mormon man married to 3 wives. Every time we watched it the discussion would come up about whether we could EVER stand to have more wives (or husbands!) in a marriage than one. Of course, the answer (usually) was no. We were both sick one time and watching it (it was probably in January) and that night I said that I was thinking I might be all in favor of another wife if she could take care of us when we were sick.  Right now I’d settle for someone to microwave me a bowl of tomato soup.

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