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January 6, 2013

Bye bye Frosty

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It is almost time for us to say goodbye to Frosty the Drummer Boy Snowman for another year. This is a picture I snapped the first night I came home from work and discovered there were LIGHTS on my house for the first time in years and years.

Frosty showed up last year at our house. Two years ago I saw a Christmas card at work someone had received from someone in the music industry. On the front was a cartoon of a snowman made out of drums. It was rather cute and I told Mark about it, thinking we could draw our own cartoon and make it a Christmas card. But he had a bigger idea. He said, “I should gather up some old drums and make a snowman out of them.” I agreed that that was a fine idea and, as I do, I quickly forgot about it.

Then last year I came home and discovered this great piece of artwork not only created, but lit from the inside so it was a great decoration in the day and a spectacular decoration at night! If you can’t tell, he is made from three drums. He has arms that are made from drum brushes and he does have a little nose that sticks out from a drumstick. His eyes and facial features are made from the felt washers drummers use under their cymbals on the stands and his buttons are stickers that they put on drums to deaden the sound (I think that’s what they are for). And he has the obligatory scarf and cute little porkpie hat, too. He’s adorable.

What really makes it even more of a good story though…  Last year Mark took a terrific picture

BREAK – this will teach me to get off track. I thought I would go FIND that terrific picture. Surely it exists somewhere in my computer, not just on the prints I sent out with Christmas cards. That was probably an hour ago. I discovered a whole file of pictures that I didn’t know existed. Lots that are there are familiar, but lots aren’t. I either didn’t know I owned them or I hadn’t seen them in years! Lots are Mark’s pictures, too, and they are all together in no particular order and with no identifying file names. Odd.

Then Mark comes home from work and life interrupts for a while. So where was I?…

Okay, Mark took a great picture of the snowman last year and posted it on Facebook. Everyone thought it was adorable and it got shared a lot. Well, along comes THIS year and as soon as Thanksgiving passes, a DJ on Sirius radio who lives in Austin and is an acquaintance of mine posts this snowman on his Facebook and says Merry Christmas. I commented, “Hey, Dallas, did you  know that this is MY house and my snowman?” No, he had no idea. A few days later, a drummer friend of Mark’s and mine posts it on her page. Again, I ask if she knew that this was ours. No, she had no idea either.

Mark begins to get shares of the drummer snowman from drummers all over the place, passing it along. He sees that one time the picture had been shared 1200 times. He hears from someone that somebody in the band KISS has it as their profile picture. This is really what going viral means, I guess.

On Christmas Eve we had a knock at the door and a neighbor I hadn’t met before brought me a Christmas card that had been delivered to their house. She said she liked our snowman and would have to bring her husband to see it because he was a drummer. We start a nice conversation about drummers and the neighborhood and she mentions that a friend in Missouri and a friend in Arkansas had sent her a picture of a snowman “like this one.” I told her that it probably WAS this one. She was stunned. How could pictures she was getting from friends in other parts of the country actually be from a yard 3 doors down? I told her to look at it closely and see if my office window was behind the snowman in that picture. When she left she said she was coming right back with a camera to take picture to send to her friends in Missouri and Arkansas.

Never did find the picture in my files, but I did find it again where friends had shared it:


Now he’ll live on a shelf in the garage for another 10 months or so. I like that he gave us a reason to decorate outside! Maybe a whole drummer family is on the way…

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