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March 3, 2013

March Fourth

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March forth we shall.

It appalls me when I see the length of time that has gone by sometime on this blog. And then that, of course, brings with it pressure. Pressure to write something good or worthwhile, or go back and finish the stories of the San Antonio cemeteries, or tell about the company we’ve had the last couple of weekends, or write about the great “last show” we saw of the Lucky Tomblin Band last night. I write plenty of blog entries in my head.

But, sigh, that does all sound like work and I have had a full day of work. I have mulled over taxes all day. ALL DAY. And it isn’t like I have been pushing a pencil to the paper figuring and cyphering and actually DOING taxes. I was just gathering info for the accountant. But, geez, there is a lot to gather. We each have jobs and those jobs are simple enough because the owners are nice enough to employ people who take the taxes out of the paychecks and keep track of all of that. But we also each work for some lousy employers who are not good at keeping track of the tax situation at all and we get to the end of the year and we are just in a muddle. Those employers are, of course, ourselves, as we are each self-employed in multiple ways and I must cobble together all the details I can about the money we have earned and the expenses we have had. But it is done and I feel a great sense of accomplishment that I did it and I did it this early. A full MONTH earlier than last year. I’ll celebrate more when the CPA tells me if we might be getting some money back and it gets filed.

Last week we had a celebration of the first birthday of our cat Flaco. He has been such a sweet boy. Having 3 cats is a houseful and I sometimes wonder what I was thinking when I adopted #3, little Flaco. But he is adorable and has a whole different personality from the others and I’m glad he’s a part of our family. Mark takes some wonderful pictures of him. Here’s Flaco back when we first got him in about May:


And here’s a more recent picture with his brother Phil the Cat. Flaco was a little sleepy eyed.


And tomorrow will be the 10th birthday of our oldest, Willie. While Phil and Flaco were both adopted from Austin Pets Alive from their bottle baby program, Willie was born in our closet to our sweet cat Miss L Toe, who showed up on our doorstep on Christmas Eve 2002. She had the most adorable kittens you’ve ever seen. We found homes for all of them and for her, too, but decided to keep Willie for our very own.  We went to San Antonio for Mark to play a gig with Guy Forsyth at Casbeer’s. Miss L Toe was as big as a basketball and that is not hyperbole. She was one HUGE miserable cat. But we came home at 4 a.m. and found her with 6 squirmy little angels in a box in our closet.


Willie quickly became the most recognizable of the kittens, since he was the only Red Headed Stranger among them. But he also was the absolute cutest.


That is a charmer!

Here he is with his Mama and some siblings. See how it is easy to pick out Willie?


This is the picture of Willie I would enter in a beauty contest. He is a big beautiful 17 pound cat now and rules the roost.


Happy Birthday Willie! But how about a picture of all three of the cats?


So it has been a picture essay instead of a lot of words words words tonight. Maybe some words will come next time.


  1. Such sweet babies!

    Comment by Kelly — March 4, 2013 @ 12:08 pm

  2. I adore my little grandkitties!

    Comment by pat — March 4, 2013 @ 7:04 pm

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