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September 3, 2013


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I have spent a lot of time this holiday weekend piecing together pieces of my Cunningham family. I keep thinking I want to branch off for just a bit and look into some Williams history, or Hood, or Hallford, or something…  Then I find myself trying to find a marriage record of some distant cousin who now lives in North Carolina and I lose myself again.

I feel a little bit victorious when I find a birth record of someone that we don’t yet have in the family record and I get to add them. Or even more victorious when it is just names from an obituary that lead me to other clues about who these people are and where I can find them and how they fit into the family. Tonight I found where one of our distant cousins married for the second time when she was 79 years old. She and the husband both were quite wealthy and belonged to the country club set in Dallas. I’m sure they had a few happy years together before he died. I can’t find anything that tells me that she has passed away and she would only be in her early 90s at this point. That makes me want to go knock on her door and get to know her! No, I never EVER would do that. But I do some virtual stalking from time to time.

I love documents like this one:


Who traveled from Dallas to Brazil in 1945? Oh yes, this cousin did. Was she traveling alone? Was it a family vacation? I want the answers to these questions, but there is no answer. Or maybe there is. This is the same woman that married at 80 and seems to still be alive in the ritzy part of Dallas. Maybe I can knock on her door and at least ask why she went to Brazil.

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  1. Keep knocking on doors and passing the stories along to us.

    Comment by pat — September 13, 2013 @ 2:20 pm

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